It was a great learning day for me. I am excited what the Chromebooks can offer for our upper elementary students. Thank you for your time and expertise in transitioning Google chrome into our classrooms.
— Workshop Participant

When it comes to professional learning, in my experience, most people want: meaningful, relevant and useful information presented in a fun, engaging way with plenty of time to explore on their own.

Why, then, is so much educational professional development NOT LIKE THAT? AT ALL?

I take great pride in preparing workshops that, as much as humanly possible:

  • meet learners where they are in terms of skill, background and role;

  • incorporate self-paced, hands-on exploration;

  • present complex information simply and with effective use of humor

Whether the subject is a day-long hands-on, deep-dive exploration of G Suite in the classroom, a fast-paced design challenge meant to pique curiosity and creativity, or a detailed review of makerspace tools & their implications on complex projects, I prepare the same way.  I make sure I understand the needs of the audience and the goals of the workshop, then work tirelessly to design an engaging experience that will exceed participant expectations.

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