Here are a few of the consultancies, design firms, makerspaces and non-profits we either work with currently or have in the recent past. These firms are leading the K-12 educational services market and compliment the services we provide. (More to come!)


Consilience is a non-profit global innovation company, grounded in school-based research and development. I have designed and led workshops on maker-centered learning and design thinking for their international clients.

With David, I have facilitated single- and multi-day workshops for districts and other organizations interested in maker centered learning tools, pedagogies and technologies.

Educational Collaborators is a national consulting organization comprised of many of the best practitioners in the field of education. I primarily design & conduct instructor-led G Suite for Education workshops for their clients.

Genesis Learning provides an array of consulting services that help schools clarify and execute their vision and goals for 21st Century Learning. I’ve co-facilitated workshops involving physical computing, in particular, Raspberry Pi and Arduino robotics.


Maker Depot is a 6,000+ square-foot, member-based workshop designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, skilled workers, artists, makers, hobbyists,
DIYers and students. Maker Depot Academy is an educational non-profit advancing maker-centered learning in communities and K-12 school districts. I have done workshops and private trainings on maker-centered learning topics and technologies for their K-12 clients.