Keynote at Vernon Township Schools, Summer 2017

Keynote at Vernon Township Schools, Summer 2017

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I am a maker. I believe that giving learners the opportunity to make - meaning, to imagine and physically create innovative solutions to real-world problems - helps them develop the skills, dispositions, and adaptable mindset needed to survive and thrive in an uncertain future. I also believe that the maker movement in general - and the physical act of making in specific - presents a unique opportunity to truly put people in charge of their own learning. 

I am an amplifier. I design powerful learning experiences and programs that amplify others' knowledge, skills, and creative confidence. My experience in education, capabilities as a maker, and fluency with the tools/technologies of the K-12 "edtech" trade uniquely qualify me to make an immediate impact in your school, district or educational professional development organization. 

I teach teachers. I inspire K-12 educators, staff and administrators, helping them envision education through a human-centered lens, embrace their "inner tech geek," and become more effective in school than they ever thought possible.

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